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  • Three Ways to Solve Abnormity of Windows 10 Application Store
    Time: Dec. 7, 2019

    People are used to downloading applications and software in the win10 64-bit operating system application store, and the operation is very convenient. Recently, some users said that their win10 system cannot connect to the network or download the applications but everything online is normal. In response to this problem, this tutorial will share with you three solutions to solve the abnormal open of Windows 10 App Store.




    Option 1: Verify whether the windows update service is started


    Right-click the computer management → expand services and applications → click services → verify that the status of the windows update service whether is running or not, if not, right-click to start, reopen the application store to see if it is normal. (If the right-click launch is grayed out, right-click to open the properties, change the launch type to manually click Apply, and then click Launch).





    Option 2: Test after resetting the Windows 10 store cache


    Press the WIN + R key combination to bring up the operation, enter WSRESET, and click OK





    Option 3: use Troubleshooting


    1. Use cortana, search for the troubleshooting and open it


    2. In "System and Security", select "Fix problems with Windows Update"  and then click "Next" 




    3.Select "try troubleshooting as administrator"; Windows 10 will automatically search for problems and tries to solve them, and when it's done, it will give you the results.





    Above is three options to solve Win10 application store abnormal open, after simple operation, the application store will return to normal use.



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