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  • What if the file is occupied and cannot be deleted?
    Time: Dec. 12, 2019


    In the use of Windows 10 enterprise version system, found that some files can not delete prompt "Folder In Use", give us two options, one is [retry], the other is to give up (cancel), click retry completely without any effect how to solve it?

    It is possible that a process has been occupying the file, only to end the corresponding process can be deleted.




    Let's look at the solution.

    1. First, we click "start menu" to search for "resource monitor" in the search bar;

    2. or use the shortcut key Ctrl+shift+ESC to open the task manager, enter the performance bar, the bottom is the resource monitor;

    3. In the "resource monitor" window, there is a search bar on the right side of the option bar, in which you can enter the name of the occupied file.

    As shown in the figure below, find the occupied file (including path) in the handle name column, and the corresponding line is the occupied process information.

    You can right-click to end the process