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  • Bonus Points feature available now!
    Time: Dec. 16, 2019


    What are Bonus Points?

    Additional points earned after purchase through, which can be used to deduct a maximum of 10% of the order.



    About Bonus Points:

    1) Get Bonus Points from our site only through purchase on our site. While your order completed you will get Bonus Points automatic with system (based on purchase EUR amount).


    2) One order payment page, if you typed use Bonus Points and click"Pay Now" button system will cut your Bonus Points automatic, and even though order can not been paid success the Bonus Points WILL NOT return back to you.


    3) A maximum of 10% of the order value can be deducted with bonus points.


    4) Spent 1 EUR here you will get 1 Bonus Points, 1 Bonus Points is equivalent to 0.01 EUR. if you use other currency purchased on our site, system will first conversion others curency to EUR, and you will get Bonus Points based on EUR amount which after system conversion .


    5) Bonuts Points no time limited, and WILL NOT be cleared automatic by system .