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  • How to optimize Settings of Windows 10 system.
    Time: Dec. 25, 2019


    After Windows 10 system use for a long time, the system will become not very smooth, then this time we shut down some services, disable some unnecessary items is very necessary.

    So how does Windows 10 optimize Settings?


    The specific steps are as follows:
    1. Uninstall useless application

    Open the "Settings" application in the start menu, and then enter the "system" → "application and functions", you can remove some of the system applications you do not use.

    2. Turn off the optimized drive

    Double-click "this computer" to open it, right-click any disk, and select "properties".

    On the top TAB, select tools, and then click optimize.

    Click change Settings at planned optimizations below, then cancel the plan.

    Win10's "optimized drive" is the disk defragmentation of the Win7 era, which can be done every two or three months. Weekly scheduled runs are really wearing down the hard drive.


    Here are some tips on how to optimize your Settings in Windows 10. You can try the steps above if you need to.