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  • The era of 5G has begun, How smart can life be in the future?
    Time: Dec. 31, 2019


    Since the concept of 5G was proposed, it has been accompanied by extensive news and advertising, continuously attracting people's attention and driving wave after wave of discussion.

    5G networks represent the next generation of mobile Internet connectivity. It will offer ultra-high bandwidth as well as more reliable connections with smartphones and other devices. It will be at least 100 times — and as high as 1,000 times — faster than 4G, allowing for high-resolution movies to be downloaded in mere seconds.



    What advantages will it bring?


    5G is designed for a world where billions of devices will be dependent on a constant internet connection.

    The first mobile phones that support the 5G network have been available in Europe since last September. In many countries, the first network infrastructures have also already been completed.

    The European Commission has described it as "one of the most critical building blocks of our digital economy and society in the next decade".

    5G's speed and low latency connectivity — which allows devices to process a very high volume of data messages with minimal delay — will boost artificial intelligence as well as cloud computing, the Commission said.

    Over time, the entire economic activity will be influenced by the new 5G infrastructures, accelerating the digital transformation of companies and, consequently, the fourth industrial revolution.

    The automotive, transport and distribution industries, as well as infrastructure networks and healthcare, are all sectors that will be transformed by the advent of 5G.

    Driverless trucks and cars, "smart" buildings and cities and remote medical interventions are just some of the innovations possible thanks to 5G.



    But that doesn't mean the 4G is end, because 5G will not be immediately and uniformly implemented worldwide so the two systems will continue to exist alongside one another, especially as not all devices are 5G-compatible.