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  • Methods to open Windows 10 hotspot
    Time: Jan. 3, 2020


    As we all know, Windows 10 can turn on WiFi hotspot to share the network with other electronic devices, saving some traffic. This can be done through the settings app.


    Specific methods are as follows:


    1.Open settings. Press the Start button and then the Settings gear on the lower-left hand side of the menu.


    2.Click or tap the Network&Internet section.


    3.Select Mobile hotspot from the left pane.


    4.Choose your settings. Select which connection you want to share under "Share my Internet connection from". press the Edit button to change the hotspot's name and password. "Turn on remotely" automatically turns on the hotspot if both devices (PC and that device) are Bluetooth-enabled.


    5.Toggle on the slider next to "Share my Internet connection with other devices". Other devices will now see your hotspot and connect to it provided the correct password is entered.