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  • How To Enable “God Mode” In Windows 10
    Time: Jan. 8, 2020



    The previous three versions of Windows have a hidden feature that is referred to as God Mode.

    This allows you to access a folder that contains links to all of the settings available in Windows.


    Yesterday we showed you how to open Control Panel Windows 10. While that helps, you might want to

    try the hidden God Mode for access to over 40 categories of Windows settings and customizations. It’s

    basically a super control panel where everything is located in one central location.


    Note: For this to work, you have to have Administrator rights for your PC. This process works with

             Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, too.





    Right-click on the desktop and select New > Folder.





     Now type or copy and paste in the following and hit Enter:


    When you’re done you’ll see the following Control Panel style icon.





    Tip: You don’t have to name it “God Mode” You can type in any name before the period when naming the folder.

              For example, in the shots below, I called it UltimategPMode. Have fun and name it whatever you want.





    If this is the first time doing this, when you open the God Mode folder,

    you’ll be amazed at the number of items that are available to you.





    Just like any folder, you can search for what you want in it. In the example below I searched programs and features and got a

    list of eight related settings.





    If you want to, you can pin it to the Start menu. Just right-click the folder and select Pin to Start.





    Then you’ll have the tile on your Start menu, and I would recommend moving it to a group called Admin or something similar.

    For more on that, read: How to Create Live Tile Groups in Windows 10 Start menu.





    God Mode makes it much easier to find a feature or setting that you need access to much faster

    than clicking through several screens.